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Directed and Produced by

Katsitsionni Fox

Edited by

Victoria Catherine Chan


Executive Producer for Vision Maker Media

Shirley K. Sneve


Creative Producers

Paul Rickard

Katja Esson



Katsitsionni Fox

Marie-Cécile Dietlin 

Paul Rickard


Additional Footage

Raienkonnis Edwards

Karonhianonha Francis

Amalli Nalli


Still Photos

Krystal Blue Photography

Jessica Sargent 


Music  Coordination and Composition

Robby Baier


Sound Design & Mixing

Francis Gauthier


Audio Recording

Glenn Hodgins

Lynne Trepanier

Raienkonnis Edwards

Clifton Martin

Kevin Lamoureux

Lance Delisle


Narration by

Martha Lickers


On-line Editing & Color Correction




“Sun & Moon Song” 

Teioswathe Cook


"Releasing Song" 

Teioswathe Cook


“Pigeon Dance”

Iawentas Nanticoke, Tekonwakwenni Nanticoke,

Teioswathe Cook, Logan Herne

Donovan Thompson, Satekaronhioton Fox


"Iekhenistenha Ohontsia"

Written by: Bear Fox

Kasennakohe David


“Kaieri Niionkwetake”

Written by: Bear Fox

Kasennakohe David


"Shake the Bush"

Iawentas Nanticoke

Tekonwakwenni Nanticoke


“Pigeon Dance”

Iawentas Nanticoke

Tekonwakwenni Nanticoke

Teioswathe Cook

Logan Herne

Donovan Thompson

Satekaronhioton Fox


"Flute music"

Rotsienhiio Wells


Still Photography

Krystal Blue Photography

Jessica Sargent


Fiscal Sponsor

Women Make Movies


Special thanks to:

Ohero:kon Akwatsíre 

Akwesasne Freedom School

Salmon River Central School

Native North American Indian Traveling College

Akwesasne Mohawk Nation

imagineNATIVE Documentary Pitch Competition

DCTV Docu Work-in-Progress Lab

Katsitsionni has been making films since 2003 in the Mohawk Territory of Akwesasne, where she resides.  Her credits include: Sacredly Stoked, a short drama related to the traditional uses of tobacco. This film was distributed across Ontario and partially funded by Cancer Care Ontario. She has also produced several short films that relate to domestic violence awareness and environmental awareness.  Katsitsionni has a personal connection to this film “Ohero:kon - Under the Husk”.  This Passage Rites Ceremony for the youth was revived in her community and she knew it was going to change their community forever.  She felt compelled to document and share this story through the eyes of two Mohawk girls that courageously make this transition to become women. 

Born in Montreal, Victoria Catherine Chan graduated in directing at ZeLIG School for Documentary in Italy and is completing the CoLAB Fellowship 2016-2017 at UnionDocs Center for Documentary Arts in New York. Currently based in Brooklyn, she works as a director and editor in creative documentaries and teaches filmmaking in various youth programs. She has recently edited Ohero:kon-Under the Husk, a personal film directed by Katsitsionni Fox and Face of the Deep, a poetic music integrated video by Theodore Wiprud. Her latest film Il Destino di una Fabbrica (2013) was selected at Visions du réel in Nyon and broadcast in Italy. Victoria received a screenwriting fund from SODEC, Quebec's major film funder, and is working on her first feature film, a dreamlike tale about her journey to reconnect with her Chinese ancestral roots in Canada.

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